Club Shodo

    Raiden I Shirogane I Ward 5 I Plot 37


    Meiya Amari & Barkideus Grimwood

    Eridia Akuma
    Head of Security

    Princess Teacup
    Head of Games


    Layila Desiteria

    Tahoni Stardust

    Altruis Borschtland

    Elenya Night


    Vanille Angeliquee

    Cereza Langdon

    Chichiro Chiro

    Phina Kha

    Nanne Hanri


    Az' Wen

    Flo Mizuki

    Scarlet Quintis


    Dommie Bigboi


    Banoffee Coffee

    Carmilla Cruor

    Fortune Teller

    Nico Pat

    Imogene Erinnye


    150k / Hour

    Companionship refers to activities that happen within the public confines of our club.The companion will accompany you in your endeavors around our venue.Be it dancing together, assisting you while gambling or joining you while you visit our famous fortune tellers.

    The Tea Room

    200k / hour

    Had a rough day?Let's chat. Life can be hard and sometimes you just need someone to talk to.Join one of our companions for a private chat.Talk about anything you would like (This a SFW service)

    Fortune Teller Reading

    100k / Per session

    Though this gift is known today as astrology, the people of Sharlayan saw fit to not only read the stars, but to write their movements as well.Be it love, finance or general.You shall find answers from the stars.Please check the link below for the rules.


    250k / Single Pose (2 people max)
    400k / Group Pose (4 people max + 50k extra)

    Who wouldnt want to make their night as memorible as possible?Your photoshoots are treated with care and creativity!
    Please check the link below for more of their work!


    3M / Chibi Drawing
    5M / Sketched Portrait

    Would you like a stylized drawing of your beloved FFXIV character?Our in house artist can deliver a cute chibi drawing or a sketched portrait.For more info and their work, please check the link below.


    Welcome to Club Shodo, the peaceful outlet of Shirogane’s most powerful Yakuza Clan - Clan Shodo. Not to worry though, you will be safe here, unless you misbehave, or deal drugs, or smell wrong, or dislike Lalafells. Otherwise you will be perfectly safe and there are absolutely NO illicit activities going on here..In all seriousness, Club Shodo is Venue by Raiden’s Clan Shodo. A community that want to bring a mixture of Roleplay and Classic Night Club themes to you. What makes us unique? Regular roleplay events as well as supporting up and coming new DJs whenever we can.